As a historical testimony of the Swiss industrial settlements of the second half of the nineteenth century, Villa Wenner has long been the subject of guided tours by scholars and enthusiasts.
It is in fact a real minor attractor of the Campania region, the pride of the territory of the province of Salerno.
It is possible to admire not only the house with its garden, guided by the landlord in person, but also enter the surroundings through a path in that sort of ancient and small village called “Swiss villas”. There are those that were the ancient houses of the co-mergers and administrators of the factories (these too, such as Villa Wenner, currently private residences), in the context of what has been defined as the first European industrial district.
There were numerous visits from schoolchildren and those interested in local history, as well as intense collaboration with local authorities and associations.
Villa Wenner participates every year in the opening of ADSI (Association of Italian Historic Houses).
The Scarpa family, owner of a large part of the villa, has always believed in the need to open and make their home usable for the good of the community.
The availability to open represents the main way for the protection, enhancement and conservation of private historical assets.

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