Since the end of the XIX century Villa Wenner was the Wenner’s home, who founded the textile industry in the Irno valley.
Don Alberto Wenner built it in 1862 on the public soil of Pellezzano in the area that is still named “Villini Svizzeri” (Swiss Villas).
In the same area more buildings were built for people who worked in that industry.
For the project of the Swiss architecture the architect Stefano Gasse, already famous in Naples for the facade of St.
Giacomo Palace (the town hall) and the grove of the Royal Villa, was engaged. He also ran the planning of the surrounding park, which is in neoclassical style. In 1984 Villa Wenner got the bond from the “Ministero per i Beni Culturali ed Ambientali” (Culture Heritage and Environment.
It was built from the project of the Swiss architect Adolfo Mauke. The fireplaces are very particular and precious characterised by cast iron decoration made by foundries next to the textile industries. In fact the cast iron decoration appear in several parts of the villa: the front gate, the windows, the railings, the bridge on the back entrance and the front porch. The Wenners were owners of the palace until 1976. Since then most of the property now belongs to the Scarpa family.
The first floor is used for tourist visits and banquets.